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Hempjoy has a unique vision for providing a natural way of improving your lifestyle. Our CBD products demonstrate Hempjoy’s signature Hemp CBD infusion process which includes

Nano-enhancing the CBD for greater absorption.

This infusion brings our pain-relieving product lines to the forefront of all natural healing remedies by combining high quality CBD with herbal infusions, flower essences and essential oils.

To help increase absorption of CBD, we use an ultrasonic homogenizer to homogenize and nano-enhance the CBD. Using sound waves we break the CBD down into smaller particles so it becomes more readily absorbable. Studies are suggesting this process makes the CBD 4-8 times more effective than just adding CBD to a product and it helps the CBD get to the receptors more rapidly.

Hempjoy uses Hemp CBD isolate, a pure powder form of CBD which contains no THC, in all of its products. Check out our CBD products from our CBD store below. 



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